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Offshore Company

We can offer clients’ offshore company formation. An offshore company is a firm which has been registered outside the country where it conducts the majority of its business operations. Opening an offshore company is a rather simple process which can provide many advantages such as increasing confidentiality, assets and legal protection, tax savings (depending on your jurisdiction) and flexible business laws.

Some of the most popular business activities carried out by going offshore are: holding real estate or investments, consulting services, intellectual property rights, managing investment funds, trading, and protecting an individual's wealth through the establishment of Trusts.

Offshore jurisdictions have advantageous legal systems for those seeking asset protection and financial privacy; performing business and conducting banking transactions in the name of a legal entity provides significant privacy benefits for example the names of the company officers, directors and shareholders can be omitted from the offshore company's documentation in many jurisdictions; furthermore most jurisdictions apply non-recognition of foreign judgments making it impossible for you being sued by a legal opponent.

There are anti-money laundering laws that will potentially result in investigation. Most jurisdictions will not disclose who formed the offshore companies, specifically the owner's names, to any third party or foreign government. This is, unless, of course, an act of criminal atrocity or terrorism has taken place and is being investigated.


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