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With the enlargement of the European Community, Companies are in need of a more international prospective. A U.K limited company is not expensive to form and offer the advantages of a moderate taxation regime. Furthermore exchanges between Companies members of the European Community are viewed by the various tax authorities as legitimate and are encouraged. The advantages of a U.K Limited Company is that the ownership of the same can be held in trust, weather U.K or offshore, hence ensuring that the wishes of the beneficial owners are clearly stated. We feel that there are many more advantages and these can be explored in a preliminary meeting with our consultants.
Normally three years of Certified Accounts are necessary.
It is now proving very difficult especially for Directors domiciled outside U.K. Valmori and Associates Ltd. can assist in this regard.
Contrary to what used to be in the past it is very difficult.  Valmori and Associates Ltd.  can assist in this regard.
No, this is not necessary, however proof of identity and of residence are required all the company's officials.
The legislation has recently changed and the Company Secretary is no longer required. However, many bureaucratic procedures and relation with Banks, prove that a Resident Company Secretary is very useful for the good running of Limited Companies. A non resident Director will soon find that it is impossible to keep up with all the requests from Government Authorities and maintain good relationship with Banks.
Not easy but yes, with the assistance of  Valmori and Associates Ltd. , providing the criteria for "DUE DILIGENCE" are met, it can be done with Primary International Banks.

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