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Company Offices

Company officers is the name usually given to the directors and the secretary of an incorporated business.

A UK company must have the appropriate officers for covering all periods in which it is in existence. The register of directors and the register of secretaries must display at all times, the current and past occupants these positions.

Corporate Officers

It is possible for one company to be a director or secretary of another. Company A Limited can be appointed as a director of Company B.

It is not possible (permissible) for a company to be a director or secretary of itself. This Company A could not be a secretary of Company A.

Corporate officers are often used in a nominee capacity, whereby the person incorporating the company wished to remain anonymous or does not wish to use an associate as a company officer.

Valmori and Associates Ltd. acts in a fiduciary capacity for overseas and U.K companies, holding, if so requested, the position of nominee Company Director(s) and Company Secretary.  We also supply very experienced Chartered Company Secretaries to Public Limited Companies for work on and off site.

Over a period of several years we have established long lasting relationships with many clients resulting in mutual satisfaction and absolute trust.

Our charges for these services are based upon individual requirements.


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