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Corporate Services

Company Formation  We provide company formation services and business plans in order to obtain banking finance.
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Company Officers  We act in a fiduciary capacity for companies supplying Company Directors and Secretaries.
Bank Accounts  We work with several Banks (National and Offshore) that offer different banking facilities.
Accounting Services  Book keeping, Auditing, P.A.Y.E, V.A.T and filing of Financial statements.
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Malta Corporate Taxation

Malta Taxpayer's Benefits Malta is a member of the European Union and, for non-resident taxpayers, has a very low taxation. The Maltese tax system is designed to promote international investment in Malta and to ensure that corporate profits are not taxed twice - for example, at company level and again at shareholder level.More Info...

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Hong Kong & China Trade

Hong Kong is one of the most famous financial capitals of the world. Its proximity to the PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China) makes it the ideal launch pad for the entrepreneur who wishes either to import or to export goods to China.

The legal framework of Hong Kong is based on the English common law, supplemented by local legislation. The legal system in Hong Kong is therefore similar to the common law systems used in England and Wales and other Commonwealth countries.

The separation of the Hong Kong legal system from the rest of the PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China) is guaranteed constitutionally until at least 2047. The fact that Hong Kong has an established reputation for being a genuine trading and manufacturing hub rather than a tax heaven >>>Read all

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